Bird Drinkers

Cage Drinker
3 sizes available


Show Cage Drinkers


Glass Drinking Bottle 250ml



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Food Containers

Mason Jar & Base
Different Colours available


Mason Base
Sold Separately (No Bottle)
Different Colours available


Finger Draws
Great for Vitamins



Oval Dish
Different Colours available


Grey Heavy Based Pot
Great little pot for soft food.
Approx 8cm diam and 4cm deep
Heavier in base so not tipped over easily


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Coop Cups

Coop Cups Using Hooks (Wire Hanger)

0.15LT 5OZ

0.28LT 10OZ

0.56LT 20OZ

 0.84LT 30OZ

1.4 LT 48 OZ



Plastic Coop Cups with Metal Wire Hooks

2.75 inches

3.5 inches

4.25 inches



Rectangular Cup with metal hooks

Small - 170mm x 105mm
Large - 230mm x 125mm

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Plastic Trough

Green Plastic Trough

Green Plastic Trough

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StoneWare Bowl 3"

StoneWare Bowl 4"

StoneWare Bowl 5"

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Grain Feeders


Feeder, 1.5 kg. (GREEN & WHITE)


Feeder, 3 kg. (GREEN & WHITE)


Feeder, 4 kg. (GREEN & WHITE)

Feeder, 5 kg. (GREEN & WHITE)


Feeder, 6 kg. (GREEN & WHITE)

Feeder, 8 kg. (GREEN & WHITE)


Feeder, 15 kg. (GREEN & WHITE)

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Ball Type Water

Ball Type Water 0.6 L. (GREEN & WHITE)

Ball Type Water 1.3 L. (GREEN & WHITE)


Ball Type Water 2.5 L. (GREEN & WHITE)

Ball Type Water 4 L. (GREEN & WHITE)

Ball Type Water 6.5 L. (GREEN & WHITE)

Ball Type Water 9 L. (GREEN & WHITE)


Ball Type Water 12 L. (GREEN & WHITE)

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Swivel Feeders

Swivel Feeders Twin 4”
Cup Size W110mm x D60mm
Frame Size W320mm x D110mm

Swivel Feeders Twin 5”
Cup Size W125mm x D60mm
Frame Size W390mm x D110mm


With easy access from outside your cage the Swivel feeders have Stainless Steel Bowls that can be removed for easier filling and cleaning purposes.

Swivel Feeders are easily install by the Novice Handyman in most aviaries. This product is so easy to use, that it is unnecessary to enter the aviary and in the closed position they are fully lockable for your bird’s security.

When you receive your Swivel Feeder you will notice the steel construction, with a powder coated finishes.
The Stainless Steel Bowls complement the construction of this unit.


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Mouse Trap

Show Cage Buddy
Excellent for carrying multiple show cages


Plastic Food Scoop


Wood Shavings Small

Wood Shavings Large


Metal Treat Holders

Sold Single

Rat and Mouse Trap

Sold Single

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